Tháng 9 & 10

Hi guys, it has been 2 months since we last met. Saigon is now entering rainy days, one moment it’ll be sunny and the next it’ll start pouring like crazy. If you havent got any certain plan for today, let’s take a seat, have a cup of tea and enjoy “The best of September n October”.

By Bluex
Olympus OM2 _ Kodak Ektar 100



By Khang Ton


By Oliver
Kodak Ultramax 400



By Hoài Ngọc



By Hà Vũ Hoàng
Hasselblad 500C/M, lens Makro-Planar 120/4 với tube 55mm _ Fuji Velvia 50



By Ti_nho
Pentax 6×7 / S-M-C 105mm 2.4 _ Shanghai GP3 100



By Cỏ Trần
Nikon FM2 _ Kodak Ultramax 400



By Sơn Trần
Canon Eos Alan 7 _ Kodak Colorplus 200


By Mai Ngọc My
Olympus OM1 _ Fuji 100


By Phạm Nguyên
Nikon F3 _ Kodak Portra 400


By Danhbnw
Fuji Pro400H



By Tinsn71



By Conghuy
Canon FTB _ Kodak Colorplus 200



By Vương Hoàng Khanh
Nikon F100 + 85mm 1.4 Nano _ Provia 100F



By Bao Dinh
Milnota XE7 _ Kodak Ultramax 400



By Nhunguyen
Milnota SRT  _ Fuji SuperG400


By Hamen
Nikon FM _ Ilford Pan 400



Olympus SP _ Fuji Xtra 400